Menswear Trends from the A/W 2014 Shows

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Whoever said men’s fashion isn’t as important as women’s fashion? After following the men’s fashion shows being held in the fashion capitals of the world, it’s clear the designers have laid down the trends that make it easy for men to keep up their appearances.

1. Monochrome

Black and White are colours that never fall out of trend; but it’s no surprise they kept on recurring on the catwalk. Lea Roach and Alexander McQueen adopted inspiration from the gloomy weather we’re living in right now and have created looks that reflect on melancholic themes and make for a powerful, bold outfit. Who knew a jacket could compliment the climate, right?

2. Print

Now if black and white gets you feeling down, trade it for some colourful prints – and I mean COLOURFUL. No half-hearted “I’ll trade the jeans for blue chinos” colour, I mean rainbow (think Gossip Girl’s Chuck Bass red blazer and tartan sweater chic). Geometric prints were mesmerizing at Christopher Shannon and the busier the print, the better. The brighter the print, the better.

3. Ski

Bomber jackets, fur trims, roll neck sweaters, white palette. Pretty simple. The only thing un-cool about a chunky ski jacket is the temperature you will feel wearing it. This trend makes you look fit for a ski retreat in the Alps (even if you are just stepping out to Sainsbury’s). J.W. Anderson called it!

4. Grey Blazers

Can be worn with matching suit for smart/evening or jeans for casual. If there were ever a staple piece: this is it. Giorgio Armani gave us double breasted, peplum, and no-lapelled blazers walking down the runway in twos.

5. Brogues

Can you ever think of a time when brogues WEREN’T in fashion? Personally, I think everyone should own a pair (male OR female). Everyone needs a pair of quality leather brogues (in as many colours as possible).

These are five trends that are each individually powerful; but who said you can’t mix between them? Definitely not Moncler, D Squared or Brioni!

Donna Salek is Fashion Editor of Lucid.

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