The End of an Era for Marc Jacobs

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A sixteen-year fashion venture has come to an end. Thousands of fashion-lovers everywhere are sporting a black mourning veil, and waterproof mascara as tears roll down their perfectly-blushed cheeks. It’s happening. Marc Jacobs is leaving Louis Vuitton.

After multiple rumours that Jacobs was to be parting Louis Vuitton, it’s official that he’s leaving to improve the IPO of his own successful brand, “Marc Jacobs”. The 2nd of October channelled the feel of a fashion funeral at the Louis Vuitton spring/summer 2014 fashion show: dark, navy sheepskin runway, black and navy glossy details, and sets that reflected on some of his previous, iconic, stunning collections.

Models dipped in black couture, flossed with black jewels and perfected with black peacock-feather headdresses took to the runway as classical music sang – altogether evoking the tears that were welling up over our eyeliner. The runway took us on an adventure to the past as we witnessed the return of the carousel, the escalator, the elevator, and the fountain, all re-invented in lacquer black.
The absence of such a fashion mastermind is as tragic as that of the abdication of John Galliano from Dior in 2011 (although, thank god Marc’s leaving is more civilised!). A brand as international as Louis Vuitton is renowned in practically every country in the world. To a Parisian brand that stands for the elegance and creativity of Haute Couture, Marc was an asset.

Take every cliché in the book: “When one door closes, another opens”, “The end of an era marks the beginning of a new one”; Marc may be leaving Louis Vuitton but excitement looms as we wait together to watch the future of the brand be pulled out of the LV shopping bag, unboxed and unwrapped from amongst the luxury tissue paper.

We’ll miss you Marc Jacobs.

Donna Salek is Fashion Editor of Lucid and an upper-sixth student at Altrincham Grammar School for Girls.

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